Wouldn’t 100-year-old flooring be amazing in your home or office? Phillips and Chestnut is THE source for wide-plank, historic flooring in the Maritimes. We have 2 sources to help you experience the warmth and character of a century lumber floor:


Phillips and Chestnut rescues flooring from century buildings being demolished in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick so they can be enjoyed by yet another generation. These wide plank floor boards, rich with character and history, often come with their own distinctive patina. We even carry all-natural floor-finishing products and square nails for face-nailing to complete the historic look. Samples of current stock of reclaimed flooring can be viewed at our shop. Note store hours and location below.


This eco-conscious company mills new flooring from 100 – 200-year-old sunken logs being reclaimed from the log-driving days on the Ottawa River. Available in Pine, Birch, Oak and more. This stunning flooring speaks for itself – come view samples at our shop. Learn more about Logs End Flooring here: www.logsend.com

Learn more about other architectural salvage items we stock on our salvage page here