Architectural Salvage

From the hand-carved markings on rustic century beams to the captivating filigree of Victorian doorknobs, we’ve got what you need to add undeniable character and warmth to your home. Our shop features eclectic items such as fireplace mantels, solid wood doors, century windows, and historic lumber. Visiting us is a veritable treasure hunt and you will likely find other items such as light fixtures, tin ceiling tiles, ornate frames, Eastlake hardware, staircase railings and more. Be sure to take your time looking around!

Whether you are building a new home, renovating your shop or office, or just plain love DIY, we have incredibly unique, and authentic pieces for your space!

Mixing historic Architecture with today’s clean lines accentuates and enhances the beauty of both. For example, hand-hewn lumber carved by our ancestors is unlike the new wood milled today. The strength of the old-growth wood grain and the century-old patina combine to create a stunning warmth that can be the focal point of a room as a fireplace mantel or a calming background as a century-floor accent wall. When paired with the clean lines of modern furniture and décor the overall look and feel is captivating. Accents like these can work in just about any room in your home or office.

Make your way to the Phillips and Chestnut showroom in Downtown Truro to see what's currently available and connect with the owners, Steve and Rose. They offer a high level of support to their customers through product-knowledge, idea-sharing, and inspiration both in-store and online. Be sure to read our Tips For Visiting below!

What are you waiting for?! Plan your visit now!

Need flooring for your project? Check out our sources for wide-plank/reclaimed flooring on our Flooring Page here.

Tips for Visiting Phillips and Chestnut

  1. Note our store hours and location (you can find this at the bottom of every page on our site). We sure don’t want to miss you!

  2. Bring measurements – if you’re looking for something specific that needs to fit in a certain space at home (or even just your vehicle for the ride home) be sure to take careful measurements and bring them with you.

  3. Say Hello – we love chatting with customers, inspiring them, and supporting them. Meeting you and helping you with your projects makes our day!

  4. Call/email ahead if you are looking for large amounts or something specific our stock is always changing and always ebbs and flows. Some items are even stored off-site and can potentially be transported to the shop for your visit.

  5. Be sure to give yourself extra time – our shop is small but there’s lots to take in. You’ll want extra time to peek and poke around the shop so you don’t miss anything.

  6. Coming from a distance? Be sure to ask us about other great spots to check out while you’re in town. Truro is a fabulous place to visit from the awesome waterfalls and walking trails in our park to our beloved Indie coffee shops and restaurants.